Top 10 tools for learning

/ 3 January 2008

I was recently asked by a journalist to list three new educational technology tools I think continuing education providers most need to know about. I was in a hurry to answer the question, and just did so off the top of my head. I said RSS (and blogs more generally), image and video tools (like digital cameras and editing software), social networking sites, and audio/video podcasting tools. I know, that’s four, rather than three.

But even more than that mistake, I wish I'd thought to take even a GLANCE at the web. Here's a list, for instance, of the top 100 tools for learning that was compiled by the Center for Learning and Performance Technologies. The top 10 from that list include things like Skype and gmail and google calendar. Duh! Of course I should have included free, collaborative tools like these! I think that I've gotten to the point that I so take these for granted that they didn't even occur to me as "new" -- and yet to most people they are.