Even conservatives condemn “24”

/ 16 March 2007

It’s not just liberals who are asking questions about the ways in which the tv show 24 glorifies torture. Check out this piece from the magazine, The American Conservative.

Michael Brendan Dougherty writes:

In 24, the war on terror is an omni-present ticking clock, pitting our legitimate security needs against the most cherished tenets of our civilization. The stress one hour of this imposes on Jack Bauer alone makes good drama, but its extension to all America, for an indefinite time, is a farce. The devotion to 24 and its protagonist demonstrates what few may care to admit: in the war on terror, the conservative movement has become willing to sacrifice principle to passion and difficult moral reasoning to utility. As escapism, 24 is riveting; as a parable for our time, it is revolting.