Can you tell?

/ 1 March 2007

Can you tell that I have high speed access again? I’m back in the states for a weekend meeting with the Lexington Seminar, so I’m in hotels in the DC area. Several things have already bugged me, though, about being back in the states. Take, for instance, my desire to go to Target this morning. I’m staying in a hotel near Dulles Airport (just for last night and this morning). There’s a Target store just about a mile away. I need more contact lens solutions (which in Vienna you have to get via a doctor), so I thought I’d walk over there. Unfortunately, this is suburb land. There was literally no way for me to get there, because I needed to cross over or under one major highway interchange. I ended up having to take a taxi just to get there, and to get back. This is ridiculous! In Vienna you can get just about anywhere you want to go via public transit, or nice walking paths. Clearly not in the US…. sigh.