Day two: AAR

/ 18 November 2006

It’s been a busy day of reconnecting with people, and stopping in to sessions without fully listening to all of them. I had a great lunch with friends from the Lexington Seminar, and a yummy dinner with an old friend from political days who now teaches at a sister seminary. I also spent some time in the book exhibits, where I was quite disappointed to find that Ashgate is not only NOT displaying our Belief in Media book, but doesn’t even have any available to sell! HUGE SIGH.

My book on technology and teaching was at least visible on the display at Rowman and Littlefield, and I had a nice chat with the marketing guy whom I tried to persuade to let do the "see inside" process. Apparently he's all for it, but someone "higher up" at the publisher won't let it happen. HUGE SIGN AGAIN.

I should probably head out now to a reception, but I'm so tired I think I'm simply going to "pack it in" for today...