Day one addendum

/ 17 November 2006

Ok, actually it’s day two already here at the AAR, but I’m up early reading blogs, and this one was too directly connected to yesterday not to comment! (Thanks to dailyKos for pointing to it.) It’s a clip from the Daily Show in which Jon Stewart is commenting on CNN’s Glen Beck interview of Keith Ellison, wherein Beck accuses Ellison of being an enemy because he’s Muslim.

It's the most outrageous and blatent example of what we were talking about yesterday (the racism and xenophobia, the anti-Islamic fears) directed at Muslims that I've seen on national television. I am amazed -- and impressed! -- by Keith Ellison's ability to remain calm and centered in the midst of such an attack. I surely couldn't. But the larger point is that he shouldn't have to face such garbage. And the fact that CNN can put it out there is a direct example of how religious education has failed miserably in this country.