U2’s theology of the cross

/ 19 October 2006

My gospel and cultures class had a great conversation this morning with Christian Scharen, author of One Step Closer: Why U2 Matters to Those Searching for God. His book is a really lovely and accessible “exegesis” of U2’s music, pointing to the ways in which a theology of the cross is evident in its midst.

We also spent some time engaging U2's ZooTV concert tour, via the DVD that's just out about their Sydney concert. This was also great fun for me, personally, but then, I like to move to music and even a concert DVD has some music in it. (Although, I have to admit, it was interesting to watch my class -- all hunched forward and watching in great seriousness, not moving a muscle...).

Christian has also written a much more scholarly text, which inquires into worship from a congregational studies frame: Public Worship and Public Work: Character and Commitment in Local Congregational Life (also very much worth reading!). I wish we'd had a whole term with him, because we barely scratched the surface of the questions we could be working on with him.