Digital kids in an analog world

/ 16 September 2006

Scott McLeod has a great post up at his new weblog for school administrators. It includes a pdf of evocative quotes he uses for faculty development. I think this is a great list for religious educators, for theological educators to play with!

A taste to whet your appetite:

"Information, to [my son], is never finished. It’s just a raw material with which he can make something new. It is important, I believe, that we look at curriculum the same way, that it is a raw material, something that we can mix in different ways, and produce learning experiences that help our students to teach themselves. I think it may also be interesting and valuable to treat our students and ourselves the same way. That rather than graduating finished students, who are ready for the world, that we produce people who are raw material, capable of not only adapting to a rapidly changing world, but also able to continue to learn, unlearn, and relearn, so that they can shape that world into something that is better."