Key issues

/ 19 December 2005

Argh. There has been so much happening the last few days — Bush government spying on citizens like the AFSC, race riots in Australia, Eugene McCarthy’s death, Iran’s president making noxious remarks — that I just can’t figure out what to think about any of it, let alone what to write in here. I’ve instead thrown myself into Advent. This morning, however, I came upon this post in the dailyKos, and I think it’s worth passing along. It’s a long, “part one” attempt to think about how the Rightwing has characterized ‘judicial activism’ and its current approach to government. Not being a history major, I found it interesting and persuasive reading. Anybody out there want to contradict it? (Update: here’s part two of the post.)

I suppose if you think laughing is a possible response (but even this piece made me sad), you can check out JibJab's latest satirical video.