Prepare for October 13

/ 9 October 2005

A gathering of Jews, Christians and Muslims known as the “Tent of Abraham, Hagar and Sarah” have put out a call to all people of faith to join in celebrating the extraordinary confluence of sacred days that is happening this month. In particular, they are suggesting that people come together on October 13 in fasting, prayer and whatever other rituals make sense.

It is really is amazing that the dates converge this way. The Jewish month of Tishrei (which includes Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot) begins on October 3-4, 2005, as does the Muslim month of Ramadan. In the Christian calendar the feast day of St. Francis is October 4th. You can find information about all of these here. Joan Chittister has also written a nice piece in support of this observance in the National Catholic Reporter.

Consider spending this coming Thursday, October 13th, in fasting and prayer. Consider lighting candles and setting them out at sunset on your front porch. Consider taking some time to learn about your neighbors' faiths through these websites. What might your imagination lead you to?