/ 4 October 2005

I just got back into town from a number of days in Indianapolis, planning with the Lexington Seminar team. But before I left, I had the chance to see the film Serenity. And now that I’m back, I get to take some time to tell people about it — or better yet, simply recommend that people see it, and point them off to great web pieces about it. So… go see the movie! It’s science fiction, all wrapped up in issues of leadership, life, death, sin, love, belief — what great science fiction has always been about (which is essentially also Orson Scott Card’s review of the film).

Once you've seen it, then visit some of the interesting analyses of it (just be aware that they contain "spoilers.") Gary Westphal has one up at the Locus site. Eric did a really interesting "take" on the film, looking at it from what is actually a "neo-psychoanalytic object relations theory" place -- but he would never call it that. And Ryan muses on the differences between television and film (Serenity began as a wonderful series, Firefly, on tv).

It's also fun to check out what the huge fanbase is doing. There's a documentary being made ( by fans, and a large number of fan websites. I think this film is going to be around for a long time, not the least because the language and images are so interesting that they will well repay repeated viewings (the only question is whether I can wait until the DVD or have to go back sooner...).