More from BodyandSoul on Ratzinger

/ 29 April 2005

Ok, I lied. The last post wasn’t my last post for tonight! I couldn’t resist checking out BodyandSoul before shutting down for the night, and I’m glad that I did. She has a great post up that further reflects on the reflecting that has occurred around her previous post that talked about Ratzinger and Romero:

"I revere the memory of Oscar Romero, and mention him in contrast to Ratzinger, not to show that he is a better man, but because I think we all need models like Romero -- especially me. It's not his courage that draws me as much as his lack of courage. God took a seemingly weak man, someone no one, least of all himself, would have considered capable of standing up to the powerful, and speaking, in such fiery and eloquent language, for the oppressed. To me, his example is where hope lives. If God needs that kind of strength from me, I hope he can find it, because I sure as hell wouldn't begin to know where to look for it on my own. But I need to know that God has found that courage in unexpected places before. And I need to look to Romero, not Ratzinger, as an example, so that if that virtue shows its face, I'll recognize it, and embrace it for the gift that it is."