BodyandSoul on Benedict

/ 24 April 2005

BodyandSoul has a very thoughtful meditation on Benedict XVI’s Nazi past, which provides the occasion for her to reflect upon the value of resistance (and she links to ideas from Oscar Romero). Because I have extended family members who were pulled into the Nazi orbit, I tend to be particularly sensitive to the need to be clear about humility and sinfulness. I really appreciate BodyandSoul’s meditation on this issue, and think all Catholics would do well to read it:

"The way to counter dictatorship is not by clinging to your opposite dictatorship, but by solidarity with its victims. Romero was stricken with doubts. Doubt, hesitation, awareness of one's own fallibility -- those are good qualities in a man. Certainty is for God. Romero knew what to do not because he had a direct line to the truth, but because he let the victims guide him."