More on the Pope

/ 5 April 2005

Slactivist makes a good point — that much of JPII’s teaching can be found in his encyclicals, which of course few pundits (let alone the MSM) are quoting. So Slactivist points to some choice pieces, and I’ll do the same by following on.

Working, as I do, within a Lutheran context in which women are freely ordained, I am more conscious than ever that simply ordaining women doesn't fundamentally get rid of sexism. So the Roman church might be a little bit further behind on that issue, but it is strikingly ahead on many others. One of the things that JPII did do, profoundly and deeply and thoroughly and consistently, was support the priority of labor over capital. This stance got him into trouble in the US -- but rightfully so -- and the nuances of his argument are worth returning to.

Not so nuanced, but nonetheless useful, is the Center for American Progress' list of progressive elements of the JPII papacy.