Biblical worldview

/ 18 February 2005

The Minnesota Family Council, an organization with whom I disagree more than I agree, has been circulating an action alert email that asks people to fight the “Day of Silence” action (a day that supports gay and lesbian youth). This is one reason I continue to read their materials — I always find out about events I’d like to support!

This action alert also came with a link to a survey that George Barna did, more than a year old now, that talks about the extent to which Protestant pastors hold a “biblical worldview.” Buried in his report is the interesting conclusion that while: <blockquote>“53% of male pastors have a biblical worldview, the same can be said for just 15% of female pastors. Overall, just 6% of all Protestant Senior Pastors are women. Another huge gap was based on race. White Senior Pastors were nearly twice as likely as black Senior Pastors to have a biblical worldview: 55% versus 30%, respectively.”</blockquote>

Kind of makes you wonder what constitutes a biblical worldview, yes? And how they arrived at these conclusions from their research. What were their survey questions I wonder?