Grief and anger

/ 3 November 2004

The votes aren’t fully counted yet, and there is no presidential outcome until they are. But even though I believe that deeply, and will fight as long and as hard as I can to ensure that they are counted, it’s clear that the popular vote, at least, went to Bush. I cannot express the depth of my grief and anger. 100,000 people dead in Iraq — a war based on a lie. Hundreds of people tortured in prisons — by official US government policy. A bigger gulf between the rich and the poor than we’ve seen in generations. An environment violated and dying. What were we thinking?!? How can the America I believe in, the ordinary people I work and play with, elect this government? This year I KNEW it had to be different. This year we were organized, this year we were passionate, this year the stars of popular culture had aligned, this year even my sisters were voting Kerry! This morning all I want to do is crawl into a hole and hide.