The Republican National Convention

/ 30 August 2004

It’s been interesting watching the Republican National Convention. I know it’s just the first evening, so I shouldn’t be expecting much in terms of flights of powerful rhetoric. But I do miss the self deprecating humor of Clinton that first night. This whole evening is all about September 11.

It is also interesting that the most spontaneous and sustained outburst from the floor came when McCain called to mind Michael Moore's Farenheit 911. People started booing, eventually yelling "four more years" and kept it up for quite a while. The C-Span cameras panned off to Moore, who waved. I wonder what his blog will say?

McCain ends "we're Americans and we'll never surrender..."

Now Deena Burnett is talking. "Do something," she says, "that's our responsibility." Well, that's a good note, as is "their actions were the result of virtues practiced over a lifetime.... faith, courage and integrity."

Now the sister of the pilot who was on the plane that hit the Pentagon. She's talking about how the families have seen the flowers, the pictures, read the letters, and so on. These women are moving, and I think in part because they're pointing to simple things that everyone can do. "Thank you for these tender gestures and the endless generosity that helped to carry us on." There is authenticity here.

Hmmmm.... the Dems didn't try to provide this kind of floor for the families. Although I do remember the beautiful and haunting violin played by a teeanager... Argh. I'm tired and can't watch any more of this. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?