Wonderful free resource

/ 9 June 2004

I just received in the mail my copy of the “Signs of Hope” cd-rom. It’s free for the asking from the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, and I highly recommend that you ask for it! It’s chock full of wonderful resources for engaging communities of faith around HIV/AIDS issues. Among other resources, the cd-rom includes more than 80 award-winning posters from around the world that participants are urged to use and share in a variety of media for educational purposes. There are also worship resources, educational resources, prayers, sermons, biblical studies, etc. Many of these are in multiple languages, and are download-able from the cd-rom for use in your own context. My only complaint is that the cd-rom did not work well with my Safari browser, forcing me to open up Internet Explorer.

This is a wonderful example of the ways in which the global digital network can support people working together across vast differences! That the cd-rom is being distributed for free, courtesy of funding from USAID, forces me to admit that there are at least some good consequences coming from President Bush's effort to support "faith-based" organizing.