Support PCP, take their survey

/ 16 May 2004

Oh this is too cool! In looking up the links for my comments about the Web Lab, I discovered that not only did the AFSC project with the web lab sound like the Public Conversations Project to me, they are in fact connected! And on the PCP website, I discovered that they are working on figuring out ways to promote reflective discussion and dialogue on the issue of same sex marriage — starting with doing some survey research to hear more of what people believe the issues are. So take a moment, go to their website, and fill out their community impact questionnaire — and then send the link on to people you know. We can surely spread this questionnaire far and wide throughout at least the upper midwest. You can also download in ‘pdf’ their guide to facilitating difficult public conversations, and the toolbox that accompanies it in English, or in Spanish. Way cool!