Yesterday’s meanderings

/ 2 May 2004

I don’t think we’ve had such a busy Saturday in years. It started off with visiting Alex’s school’s Culture Fest — full of kids wearing clothes from a ton of different countries, food from various places (including exquisitely beautiful carved watermelons — I’ve never seen anything like them!), and lots of games and sports. Then we visited the Courage Center’s Bike Expo. We went looking for a new scooter option for Alex, but ended up trying out recumbent bicycles. I think we found one that he really likes! We’re going to work on making it a reality. In the meantime, some sites to visit include: Zero Emission Machines, Easy Racer bikes, Currie Tech, Bent Rider, and Easy Street Recumbents. Alex liked best the EZ3-Trike, a 3 wheeled recumbent, but he also tried out a Tornado that had a handlebar that fit him better. We might try to do something that combines the two. We met a wonderful engineer at the Expo who works with BlackbirdBikes, and he thought it would be reasonable to make such an alteration. After the Bike Expo our day went on, because then we went over to the Living Green Expo at the State Fairgrounds. It was a huge exhibit of products, services and processes for supporting environmentally sustainable life. It was great fun, because we kept running into people we knew (including the bike engineer we’d met at the Bike Expo!). It also had a much more soothing overall aesthetic — guitar folk music, peaceful graphics, etc. We made it through the whole expedition without kids’ whining or any fights, either. What a great May Day!