Check out the FEC site

/ 29 June 2003

One other link that Eric sent my way is the FEC site. It turns out that you can search this site to discover exactly which individuals and committees are giving funds to which candidates. It only displays contributions over $250, so none of my contributions showed up there. (It creates a kind of interesting peer pressure, actually. I realized that I need to give more to a single candidate if I want to show up there.) Still, it’s kind of fun to see if any of your friends has a history of contributing to political candidates, and if so, to which ones. It’s also alarming to see how much money has already been raked in by the Bush campaign, versus the various Democrats, particularly Kucinich and Dean, the two I’m most interested in at the moment. This is the kind of information it used to take hours of searching to find, and now it’s available at the touch of a mouse button.