Courage riders

/ 6 May 2003

This evening my eldest (Alex) started the spring session of horseback riding with Courage Riders. He does this every year — or, at least, every year that he makes it through their lottery! — and deeply enjoys it. It’s really fun and quite awe-inspiring to watch these kids as they find their way into a new kind of mobility on the backs of these huge horses. I think the Courage Center (which sponsors this particular therapeutic horseback riding program) is a great place, and I was sad to learn from them that they are experiencing truly painful cuts in state aid. It infuriates me that our government (at both the state and federal levels) would prefer to cut programs that support kids with disabilities, rather than forgo giving money back to the wealthy. If you’re interested in trying to help us fight some of these cuts, Wrightslaw is a great place to get more information. They’re also a great place to learn more about legal issues surrounding people living with various kinds of challenges.