Numbers to ponder…

/ 5 April 2003

Ah, this has been a crazy week! I have been at least several hours, if not a day, behind on all of my projects. I’ve rushed from meeting to class to meeting to kid pick up with a frazzled and distracted sense of always being late. Tomorrow we leave for Austria, and it feels to me a bit like the end of finals week, back when I was an undergraduate (only this time, I still have papers that are due!).

Oh well… I’ve had no time to even keep up with my usual web reading, but one article I don’t want to lose track of is Vinay Menon’s April 5 piece in the Toronto Star, entitled “The shape of world war IV, by number.” It’s full of startling statistics, which may convince at least some people who find other arguments unsatistfying, that there is more afoot in this war than our government is interested in focussing on.