I have a number of research projects that I’ve been working on over the years. Some are more active than others, but I’ve left the links on this page because people have complained when I’ve taken old pages down. I’ll try to update them when I can., a project considering how digital storytelling can be a form of faith formation (and particularly these links on digital storytelling)

The Racial Justice Collaborative in Theological Education (and particularly our collection of social media posts)

In 2014-2015 I had the support of a small Wabash grant to consider how embodied contemplative practice (in my case, restorative yoga) might impact work in dismantling racism. I have kept this page of resources from that project.

Older projects include:

The Open Source Religious Resources project, particularly the site, the wiki site, and the OSRR blog.

The Seminary as Teaching Apostolate

Teaching and Technology in Theological Education

Religious Education and the Challenge of Media Culture

Portfolios in Theological Education