/ 28 November 2015

It’s been a crazy powerful, deeply enraging, painfully loving two weeks here in the Twin Cities. On November 15th 24 year old Jamar Clark was shot by police, and eventually died. The details of what happened are still not clear — was he in handcuffs when he was shot? — but it has sparked an encampment outside of the Minneapolis police department’s 4th precinct, as well as several actions of nonviolent resistance. Alex, Eric and I all participated in a magnificent march on November 24th, the morning after a group of white supremacists shot into the crowd of protesters, injuring five of them. Thousands of people showed up, seeking to prove that that kind of intimidation will not stop this movement.

Too much to write about here… I’m too full of emotion to find the right words. But I wanted to point to a video that was just created by a local filmmaker, as well as to remind people that the Wikipedia is collecting a timeline and various entries about activism on these issues across the country. This video was created by D. A. Bullock.