Blog action day!

/ 16 October 2014

This year the focus of blog action day is inequality. So here are some useful resources to consider:

(1) tangible evidence </a>that the wider the income and equity gap in a culture, the worse off everyone is — even those at the top of the scale! I really wish more people would pay attention to Richard Wilkinson’s research:

(2) Here is another description the reality we’re living in. It might make us more willing to share for the common good. It certainly could help us wake up to the difference between “income” and “wealth.” When you couple it with Richard Wilkinson’s work on inequality, I think the argument that we should not tax the wealthy just crumbles into dust…

(3) As the top end flourishes, the middle class goes away. Here’s an example using Silicon Valley:

Bill Moyers Essay: The United States of Inequality from on Vimeo.

“The United States collects less in taxes as a share of its economy than all but two other industrialized countries. Only Chile and Mexico collect less.”

Instead of getting rid of programs that provide health care, education, and other basic social needs, why not close these tax holes?