portfolio: Waivers


Another benefit of our portfolio process, and the educational leadership competencies, is that we can use it to help students waive requirements. If you can document -- using the portfolio -- that you have already accomplished 50% of the EL competencies we can waive you out of the ED1 requirement. Similarly, if you can document meeting 90% of them, we can waive you out of the ED2 requirement.

Please note that waiving the requirement does not grant you the credit for the course, it simply means that you can use that credit for a different course.

If you are interested in waiving one or both of these requirements, please be in touch with the point person for educational leadership (at the moment, that’s me, Mary Hess). At that point we will arrange an opportunity for you to document your accomplishments. Such documentation can include transcripts from education courses, examples of curricular materials you’ve created, reference letters from people who know you well, and so on. Upon successful documentation we will file appropriate paperwork with the Registrar.

It is important to create a portfolio in the process of waiver, since many students waive ED1 but still take ED2 (which builds on the portfolio).


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