technology requirements


The Seminary  has a standard set of technology requirements for online courses. I am simply duplicating them here, although if you cannot meet these please be in touch with me before you give up on the idea of taking one of my online courses.

Obviously you will need regular access to a computer. You may use either a Mac or a PC, but the recommended system requirements are as follows:

Operating System: Mac OSX 10.4 or higher, Windows XP or higher

Processor Speed. 1.6 Ghz

RAM: 1.0 GB or more

Hard Drive Space: 60 GB or more

Internet Connection

In order to access your online courses you will need an internet connection. It is strongly recommended that you have a broadband (DSL or cable) connection. A dial-up connection will be extremely slow and may not allow you to view some course content. Frankly, it’s just too frustrating to try these courses without high speed access.

Web Browser

To access your course you will need a current web browser. You must have one of the following in order to interface with MyLutherNet properly:

Firefox (Free to Mac and PC)

Google Chrome (Free to Mac and PC)

Safari 5 or higher (Free for Mac and PC)

Internet Explorer 8 or higher (Free to PC only)

Other browsers such AOL or Opera or older browsers such as Firefox 1.5 or Internet Explorer 6.0 will not work properly with your online course. Your current browser version can be found by opening your browser, going to Help, and clicking About.

Enabling Pop-up Windows

Most modern browsers block pop-up windows as a default setting. In order to view all of your course content, you will need to set your browser to allow pop-up windows from Luther Seminary.

Some kind of office program

Pages and Numbers (Mac) - Available from Apple.

Open Office - Available on their web site.

Microsoft Office (Mac & PC) - Available for free for Luther Seminary students

Other Required Software

Flash Player

Will allow you to see web based video and animation (lectures and such).

Quick Time (Mac or PC) or Windows Media Player (PC)

These play video files and are often pre-installed on your computer.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

PDF files are common ways of sharing documents over the internet. To view these documents you will need this reader.

Luther Seminary Email

Every student is provided with a Luther Seminary email address such as "". All Luther Seminary email communication will come to you at this address so it is required that you check it on a regular basis.

Computer Use Policies

Please be sure that you’re familiar with the Luther Seminary policies for computer use


Mary Elizabeth Hess