The web has proven to be an enormous resource for sharing materials! I can’t keep up with all of the wonderful things available, but I can at least point to some of my favorites.

Simple gifts

John Williams’ “Air and simple gifts” from the Inauguration . A Yo Yo Ma version set to photographs by John Crotty .

Useful web resources

The Story of Stuff . Wikipedia definition . Voluntary simplicity . Downshifting . Simple Living network . . Simplicity resources . Web of Creation . Quotations on consumerism . Practicing Our Faith . The Grinch . Voluntary simplicity in the Bible . The gifts of joy .

Curriculum resources

Simplify the holidays . Living sustainably . Stuff (for K-12 schools) . Rethinking the American Dream


Center for a New American Dream . Bread for the World . EarthMinistry . Heifer Project InternationalSo We Might See .


091206 to Westminster Presbyterian . 091213 to Westminster Presbyterian . news diet handout .


These are resources I use in various workshops I present on simplicity and spirituality.