Public Leaders



SG502 is the second course in a four course sequence at Luther Seminary for master’s level students. It is oriented around a complex set of experiences -- live lecture presentations, small group precept work, and learning in a specific context.

Here is a syllabus you can print off, but please note that any revisions that exist in the online moodle version of the class take precedence over this syllabus.

There are several resources we will mention during the semester:

Stephen Brookfield’s website (full of articles, handouts, etc.) . racial identity development chart .

Agreements for conversation

Covenant of presence . respectful conversation agreement . ground rules . norms of collaboration (includes a useful toolkit) . brave spaces .

Spirituality resources more generally

Creighton’s link list . PracticingOurFaith . TitusBrandsma Institute . Christ in the Desert monastery . Taizé . Lift Up Your Hearts . Common Good radio for kids . Institute for Welcoming Resources . . mindfulness breathing . Lord’s prayer dance anthem . the Ignatian examen . A “cookbook” of spiritual practices .

During the term we will be talking about a variety of ways in which Christians might exercise leadership in public settings. Towards that end it is worth noting some of the following organizations and associations which work in the civil sector:
LSE links (huge list) . Res Publica . Deliberative Democracy . Parliamentarians for Global Action . . Public Agenda . Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance . World Bank’s list of CSO’s . Mediators Beyond Borders .

People exercising public leadership in ways I find interesting

CounterStories podcast . Alterguild podcast .

CPL2: SG502