race and grace workshop


This is a web page of resources intended to augment a training held to support intergroup dialogue facilitation at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, MN.


We will begin on Friday, the 27th of October at 6 pm over a light supper, and continue until 9 pm. Saturday morning we’ll offer a light breakfast at 8:30 am, with our work beginning in earnest at 9:00 am. We will serve lunch in the middle of the day, and conclude on Saturday at  5 pm. Sunday morning we will again have a light breakfast available at 8:30 am, and a plenary at 9 am. We will go to worship with our community of Westminster at 10:30 am, then lunch at 11:45 am, and we will conclude the day at 4 pm.


Debate.Discussion.Dialogue . Dialogue Overview . Dialogue Principles . Difficult Conversations . Facilitator Reminders . Facilitator Role and Function . Ground Rules . Small Group Roles . Top Ten Facilitator Qualifications . Building Blocks of Dialogue . Social Contact Slide Presentation . Social Contact Survey . Social Contact Survey Instructions . IGD Training Slides . Action Continuum Model . Antiracism Book List . Appreciation . Is it Me poem . Our Lenses . Social Identity Groups . Social Identity Profile . Social Identity Wheel . Strength Bombardment . Ground Rules for 4 Corners . 4 Corners QuestionsPrayerSlides . Brave Spaces . Blank CIQ sheet . Benediction (Sr. Ruth) . Benediction (Miller) . Benediction (NZ) . Haro Cycle of Liberation .


Facing Racism (PCUSA anti-racism study guides) . Facing Racism policy approved in 2016 . Living Water, Living Stories (by Bebe Baldwin) . Article from the May 2017 Oprah Magazine. CNN video report on police shootings leading to tough talks about being black . Van Jones video “cops, blacks both feel targeted” . Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie TED talk on the “danger of a single story” . Brene Brown TED talk on shame and her TED talk on vulnerability . InsightNews . Beverly Tatum . Racism definitions . Out of the Shadows exhibit at the University of MN . Poverty & Race Research Action Council . The Race Card Project . Sr. Ruth Fox Benediction . Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey “How the way we talk can change the way we work” . Stephen Brookfield’s work on learning through discussion .


Nancy Rodenborg on the pedagogy of intergroup dialogue . Vivian Jenkins Nelsen and her powerpoint on conflict . and her powerpoint on cross cultural communication .  Theo Page . Mary Hess . Rev. Matt Johnson . Ruby Brown .


Healing MN Stories . Racial equity tools . Race: The Power of an Illusion . Teaching Tolerance . Storytelling for Social Justice . Sacred Conversation on Race (includes a really excellent resource guide for free download) . Nat’l Ctr. for Cultural Competence . Defining white privilege . YWCA racial justice projectMulticultural pavilion . Racial Justice Collaboration in Theological Education .


Minneapolis/St. Paul neighborhood data . Wilder Fdn. Research . St. Paul Facing Race (St. Paul Fdn.) . MN School Integration Task Force Report


The Color of Fear . A Time for Burning . Race: The Power of an Illusion . Traces of the Trade . Unfinished Business . Making Whiteness Visible .


A Good Time for the Truth . Between the World and Me . We Were Eight Years in Power . The Cross and the Lynching Tree . The Christian Imagination: Theology and the Origins of Race . What Does it Mean to Be White? Developing White Racial Literacy .


White fragility”  by Robin DiAngelo . “White religious educators resisting white fragility: Lessons from mystics” by Mary E. Hess .


Resources for Intergroup Dialogue