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This website begins to draw together resources on project-based learning for a theological environment. What is “project based learning?” Well, there are multiple definitions of that term, but here we’re primarily using the set of criteria defined by John Thomas. (1) PBL projects are central, not peripheral to the curriculum. (2) PBL projects are focused on questions or problems that "drive" students to encounter (and struggle with) the central concepts and principles of a discipline. (3) Projects involve students in a constructive investigation. (4) Projects are student-driven to a significant degree. (5) And projects are realistic, not school-like.

Videos and other pithy introductions

An excellent set of short videos on PBL . Changing educational paradigms (Ken Robinson) (11:41) . Robinson TED talk (20:04) . Lawrence Lessig TED talk (19:07) . Social media revolution (2:35) . Learning to change, changing to learn (5:37) . Common Craft explanation of PBL (3:50) . What is PBL? . An anthropological introduction to YouTube (55:34) . We are the people film . Liz Coleman on reinventing liberal education (TED talk) . Geoff Mulgan on studio schools (TED talk) (6:16) .

Scholarly articles/books

Adult learning and the generation of knowledge . The Buck Institute of Education’s list of articles . “Getting a grip on PBL” . PBL and e-portfolios in an undergraduate classroom . A new culture of learning . Mary’s “reflectivity matrix” from Revitalizing Practice .

Other useful resources

Swanson&Cosgrove’s handouts page . EdVisions schools . BU’s e-portfolio links .

Relevant Tomorrow’s Professor posts:

Brain-based research, Seven tips for improving instructional skills, Dysfunctional illusions of rigor (part 1), Dysfunctional illusions of rigor (part 2)

Helpful organizations

Wabash Center . The Lexington Seminar . TCR . POD


Project Based Learning

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