Media Spiritualities



The web has proven to be an enormous resource for sharing materials! I can’t keep up with all of the wonderful things available, but I can at least point to some of my favorites.

Media literacy resources more generally

Spirituality resources more generally

Creighton’s link list . PracticingOurFaith . TitusBrandsma Institute . Christ in the Desert monastery . Faces of Faith project . Jesuit resources . Benedictines . Spiritual Development Center . Taizé . Lift Up Your Hearts . Common Good radio for kids . Youth and Family Institute . Vast site of spirituality resources . Institute for Welcoming Resources . . Mindful clock . Pray as you go . LectioDivina . Centering Prayer . mindfulness breathing . Lord’s prayer dance anthem . the Ignatian examen .

Curriculum resources

Media literacy in faith communities .  PCUSA Great Awakening resources . ELCA Movie discussion guides .


12 principles of media literacy . MN media arts standards . MN arts standards more generally . WACC No Nonsense guides . Rule of 3’s exercise . media mapping exercise . media reality exercise . AMLA core principles of media literacy .


Nat’l Assoc. of Catechetical Media Profs. . Pauline Center for Media Studies . World Assoc. for Christian Communication . ReligionLink .

Online magazines/journals/blogs

Cultural encounters . Catholic Media Report . BustedHalo . Journal of Religion and Popular Culture . Heidi Campbell . U2 Sermons . .


Faculty seminar slides . Faculty seminar handout


These are resources I use in various workshops I present on media and spiritualities.