Media literacy



The web has proven to be an enormous resource for sharing media literacy materials! I can’t keep up with all of the wonderful things available, but I can at least point to some of my favorites.

Media literacy and faith resources

“Portal”-type sites

AMLA . . Commonsense Media . Center for Media Literacy . The Jesuit Communications Project . NAMLE Resource Hub . Religion and American Culture .

Curriculum resources

Project Look Sharp . CML Reading RoomTake Charge of Your TV . Carrie McLaren’s high school curriculum . Free downloads of curriculum handouts . 12 principles of media literacy . MN media arts standards . MN arts standards more generally . CML support for professional development . AMLA core principles of media literacy . ELCA movie discussion guides . SeeMe site . Beauty Redefined .

Production resources

Minnesota Community Television . St. Paul Neighborhood Network . Minneapolis Television Network . Phillips Community Network . TVbyGirls . Phots of Women of Color in technology (free, cc-lieensed) .

Background essays

Henry Jenkins’ media literacy in the 21st century .


These are resources I use in various workshops I present on media literacy.