Love and gender


I’m just starting this page, so at the moment it’s more a “collection” of things I don’t want to lose than anything else. But more will come!

Denominational and other resources

ELCA (Lutheran). ELCA Study document on education . USCCB (Roman Catholic) . ECUSA (Episcopalian) . United Methodist . PCUSA (Presbyterian) . Greek Orthodox . Southern Baptist . Unitarian Universalist . CAJE (Jewish education) .REA/APRRE (association) . LACE (association) . NAPCE (association) . APCE (PCUSA association) . NAIN (interfaith network) . 21st C. New Evangelization .

Emerging projects

Curriculum resources

GLBTQ history . GLAAD’s resource guides . ReconcilingWorks resources . When Lutherans talk about sex .

Emerging issues

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