This is eventually going to be a resource page I use centered on curriculum as “leiturgia” and related resources.


Wikipedia entry on “forms of prayer” . United Methodist women’s site on forms of prayer .

Spirituality resources more generally

Creighton’s link list . PracticingOurFaith . TitusBrandsma Institute . Christ in the Desert monasteryBenedictines . Spiritual Development Center . Taizé . Lift Up Your Hearts . The stations of the cross (an online version accompanied by Bach) . Common Prayer .


Nat’l Assoc. of Catechetical Media Profs. . Pauline Center for Media Studies . World Assoc. for Christian Communication . ReligionLink .

Online magazines/journals/blogs

BustedHalo . The Jesuit PostJournal of Religion and Popular Culture . New Media, Religion and Digital CultureU2 Sermons . reJesus.co.uk . PrayTell .

Other resources

Various versions of the Lord’s Prayer .

Versions of the Trinity

Creation/incarnation/grace  (Cara’s version) . The good beyond being, the beloved and the holy spirit (Wendy Farley’s version) . Lover, Beloved, Love (Elizabeth Kaeton -- and Augustine!) . Spirit as liminal, integrative, emancipatory (this is McClain Taylor’s wording) . Tester, Intercessor, Comforter (David Weber’s version) . Creator-maker, Pain-bearer, Life-giver (New Zealand Prayer book) .


leiturgia : prayer, worship, contemplation, spirituality