The web has proven to be an enormous resource for sharing materials! I can’t keep up with all of the wonderful things available, but I can at least point to some of my favorites.

Leadership literature

Jane Vella on “learning to listen, learning to teach” . Gary Gunderson on “boundary leadership” . Elizabeth Conde-Frazier on “a many colored kingdom” . Ron Heifetz on “adaptive challenges” . Robert Kegan on “confirmation, contradiction, continuity” . Parker Palmer . Stephen Brookfield . Sharon Parks on learning leadership . Scott Cormode on gardening leadership . Anita Farber-Robertson on “learning while leading” . Craig Dykstra on “evaluation as collaborative inquiry” . Christian Scharen on “faith as a way of life” . Boleman&Deal on “reframing organizations” . Edgar Schein on “organizational culture” . Jennifer Harvey, et. al. on “disrupting white supremacy” . Mica Pollock, et. al. on  “everyday anti-racism” . Anderson&Foley on “mighty stories, dangerous rituals” .

Digital resources

Feautor.org . Enter the Bible . WorkingPreacher.org . Book of Faith initiative . My media spiritualities page . My media literacies page . Practicing Our Faith . Faith20/20 . BustedHalo . CommonGood Radio . Creative Commons . Digital Tech and Theo Ed . Anthropology of YouTube . Information Revolution . Learning to change, Changing to Learn . Did you know?A Vision of Students Today . Web 2.0 . Blogs in Plain English . RSS in Plain English . Social Media in Plain English

Blogs on pastoral leadership

Faith as a Way of Life . Theology for the Church . Young Clergy Women Project . Norma Cook Everist . Church Innovations . ProdigalKiwi . Greenflame . johnnybaker . Peter Rollins . Ministry with Children . The Sarcastic Lutheran . Next GenerAsian . The Kitchen Table . ISAAC blog .

Blogs from churches

Humble Walk . Rooted . Redeemer Center for Life . The Mad Preacher . A Wee Blether . Sunflower Chalice . Living Word by Word .

Blogs on media and religion

The Scoop . Stewart Hoover . Heidi Campbell . Rock and Theology. Religion Dispatches . Spiritual Politics .


Center for Missional Leadership . Alban Institute . Congregational resources . Faith&Leadership at Duke . JustFaith .

Resources from other faith contexts

Interfaith Youth Core . Scriptural Reasoning . Public Conversations Project .


These are resources I use in various workshops I present on pastoral leadership in the 21st century.