Gospel & Global Media



IC2643 is an interdiisciplinary course that will be team taught by Mary Hess and Gary Simpson during the spring semester of 2013. We are primarily interested in thinking about this question: What consequences does confessing the Trinitarian relationality of God have for how we inhabit public spaces amidst different kinds of media?

Here is a brief summary syllabus. The bulk of the course will run via a wordpress site will allow us to “practice what we preach” by using a specific kind of social media software.

During the term we will invite you to explore ways in which various organizations use social media. Here’s an assortment of civil society organizations you might want to explore:
LSE links (huge list) . Res Publica . Deliberative Democracy . Parliamentarians for Global Action . Avaaz.org . Public Agenda . Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance . World Bank’s list of CSO’s . Mediators Beyond Borders .

University research centers

Harvard’s Hauser Center for NonProfit Organizations . London School of Economics Centre for Civil Society . Yale’s Program on Social Enterprise . Columbia’s Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life .

Other resources

Civic Life Online . Teens, Video Games and Civics . Engaged Youth .


Gospel & Global Media Culture