Bible with adults



This is a web page developed as an adjunct to a class taught at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, MN. Please be advised: these sites are contextualized in presentations, and are not meant to be either definitive or endorsed without critical reflection.

This course, team-taught by Mary Hess and Richard Nysse, fulfills the middler level IC requirement. A syllabus is available here.

Required reading

Learning to listen, learning to teach by Jane Vella

Daniel (Westminster Bible Companion), by Choong-Leong Seow

Conversations with Scripture: Daniel, by Desueza and Jones

Then choose from a list of books:

The Bible Made Impossible, by C. Smith

Reading the Bible with the Damned, by B. Ekblad

Soul Stories, by A. Wimberly

Reading Other-wise, by G. West

Democratizing Biblical Studies, by E. Schussler-Fiorenza

Useful handouts we might use (some are from years past)

I/C questions . Basic curriculum questions . Trio of triads . Diane’s ppt on challenges and visions . Faith 20/20 scenarios . Emmaus methods devotional . Reading devotionally (instructions) . No Prep Bible Study (Shallue) . Bible study methods . Backwards Design . Questions gone bad . Scott Cormode on “multi-layered leadership” . “Deep calls to deep” (scriptural reasoning) . Analyzing an adult learning event . Diane’s powerpoint on devotional reading . Diane’s ppt on historical study . Diane’s notes on historical study . Diane’s handout on literary study . Diane’s ppt on literary study . Lutheran Theological study . Theological reading ppt . Lectio/visio divina . Art sites .

Video presentations

Rolf Jacobson at Jubilee . Deanna Thompson at Jubilee . Diane Jacobson interviewing Eugene Peterson . Abbot Klassen on lectio divina .

Various curriculum/prayer resources

lectio divina . Covenant cluster handouts .

Other resources . . Biblical art . ElectronicNTResources . .

Sermonspice (commercial videos) . AllPosters (commercial art) .

Engaging biblical themes in popular culture

Motion pictures related to aging and adult development . The New Media Bible . social theory and pop culture . HollywoodJesus . Teaching the Bible through pop culture . Lights, camera, faith! .

Adult learning

Kegan's own handout on the five orders of mind . Berger handout on key ideas in Kegan's thought .  An interview with Robert Kegan . Another interview with Robert Kegan . A transcript of a Kegan address to an Episcopal church meeting . David Orr's essay . Parker Palmer's essay . More links to Palmer . Palmer diagram . Mary’s convocation lecture from 2002 . Mary’s Hein-Fry lecture .

Adult spirituality

Definitions of religious education and spirituality . Dykstra on "collaborative inquiry" . Self-care inventory . Christian leaders website . The Alban Institute report on leadership . Other Alban reports . Graceful aging bibliography . Tisdale on adult spirituality

A motley assortment...

Resources for creating safe spaces (developed by the Episcopal Church's program of ministry with young people) . Talking Together As Christians About Tough Social Issues (a guide developed by the ELCA) .


Teaching and Learning Bible with Adults