New Media and Faith



This webpage serves as an adjunct resource for a course which will take place at Luther Seminary during the fall of 2017.

Here is a basic syllabus, but it is subject to change based on the students in the class and their specific contexts and vocations.


Theological reflection with a commercial . Bible in 21st century  . Slides from Friday evening .

Class presentation slides (I’ll put these here as they become available)

Tools . . . adobe voice .

Useful resources that we may draw on include

My HeinFry 2010 lecture . RSS in Plain English . Twitter in Plain English . Wikis in Plain English . Social Networking in Plain English . Social media in Plain English . Bibliography of social networking research  . Ushahidi . Henry Jenkins’ media literacy in the 21st century . Empowering parents, Protecting children . Pew Research . Digital Youth Research . MacArthur Research  . An Anthropological introduction to  YouTube . TeachWeb2 . Information revolution . Social media revolution . Canonization of the Bible . We first intro . “The internet is my religion” . Medieval help desk .


Midnight Oil Productions . Nooma .


New Media in Faith Education