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This is a web page developed as an adjunct to a class taught at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, MN. Please be advised: these sites are contextualized in my presentations, and are not meant to be either definitive or endorsed without critical reflection.

You can find the syllabus for this course here (in pdf format).

Students will need to choose one of these bibliographies, and read through the literature at that specific bibliography prior to attending the January 10-14, 2011 seminar at Luther. Other topics may be developed with the assistance of the professor.

Pressing issues bibliographies

Differing abilities . Social justice . Intercultural learning . Media culture . Sexuality . Creation and the environment . Stewardship and home economics . Missional spiritual formation .

Required texts are drawn from a variety of places, but all students will read at least something from the journal Lifelong Faith, and from the Practices series. Students will also refer to their basic survey book from ED1 (The Church as Learning Community, Fashion Me a People, or Teaching the Faith: Forming the Faithful).

How do we know?

David Orr's essay . Parker Palmer's essay . More links to Palmer . Palmer diagram . My Hein-Fry lecture .

Robert Kegan

Kegan's own handout on the five orders of mind . Berger handout on key ideas in Kegan's thought . An interview with Robert Kegan . Another interview with Robert Kegan .

Practices of faith

Practicing Our Faith site . Lifelong Faith journal . Lifelong Faith articles .

A motley assortment...

Talking Together As Christians About Tough Social Issues (a guide developed by the ELCA) .


Contemporary Issues in Religious Ed