Ed2: Adult Ed



This is a web page developed as an adjunct to a class taught at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, MN. Please be advised: these sites are contextualized in my presentations, and are not meant to be either definitive or endorsed without critical reflection.

You can find the syllabus for this course, in 'pdf' format, by clicking here.

How do we know?

David Orr's essay . Parker Palmer's essay . More links to Palmer . Palmer diagram . My convocation lecture from 2002 .

Robert Kegan

Kegan's own handout on the five orders of mind . Berger handout on key ideas in Kegan's thought . Litchfield's slide show . An interview with Robert Kegan . Another interview with Robert Kegan . A transcript of a Kegan address to an Episcopal church meeting

Adult spirituality

Definitions of religious education and spirituality . Dykstra on "collaborative inquiry" . Self-care inventory . Christian leaders website . The Alban Institute report on leadership . Other Alban reports . Graceful aging bibliography . Tisdale on adult spirituality

Memoir and narrative

Travelling Mercies reading guide . Anne Lamott links . Kathleen Norris links . Nancy Mairs links . a talk Roberta Bondi gave at Trinity Church . Barbara Kingsolver links . Small Wonder and Poisonwood Bible study guides . James Carroll links . Anderson and Foley handout .

Engaging biblical themes in popular culture

Motion pictures related to aging and adult development . My own website links (look under pop culture) . The New Media Bible . The Mediated Spirit. Anita Diamant . Orson Scott Card . Left Behind . Elizabeth Moon . Marion Zimmer Bradley . theology and pop culture gateway . faith and film bibliography . social theory and pop culture .

A motley assortment...

Resources for creating safe spaces (developed by the Episcopal Church's program of ministry with young people) . Talking Together As Christians About Tough Social Issues (a guide developed by the ELCA) .


Adult Development and Christian Life