A Changing Church



The web has proven to be an enormous resource for sharing materials! I can’t keep up with all of the wonderful things available, but I can at least point to some of my favorites.

Handouts and backup information

“low tech” exercises (including the game of 3’s) . Roberto’s faith formation 20/20 . key trends facing congregations . slides on key trends . slides on theological issues . slides of examples in practice .

Various kinds of data

Faith 20/20 project . Pew Trends . Barna group . Lilly database of research . ARDA .

Blogs worth noting

e-catechist . worshipping with children . catechesis 2.0 . the faith gardener .

Great things to read

Real Kids, Real Faith . Welcoming Children . Hanging Out, Messing Around and Geeking Out . Kids, Parents and Power Struggles . It’s Not the Media . Imagining Faith with Kids . Confronting the Challenges . Digital and Media Literacy . Enhancing Child Safety and Online Technologies

Children’s literature as a resource

Bible Stories for the 40 Days . Children’s Ministry through Literature .

Web explanations via video

Information revolution . Social media in plain English . Social Media statistics . Changing and learning . An introduction to YouTube . RSS in plain English .

Creation tools and organizations

wordpress (blog) . MyPopStudio . animoto . TVbyGirls . Center for Digital Storytelling .

Simple living web resources

The Story of Stuff . Wikipedia definition . Voluntary simplicity . Downshifting . SimpleLiving.org . Simplicity resources . Web of Creation . Quotations on consumerism . Practicing Our Faith .

Spirituality resources more generally

Creighton’s link list . PracticingOurFaith . Christ in the Desert monastery . Faces of Faith project . Common Good radio for kids . Vibrant Faith Ministries . Lifelong Faith . DiscerningMission.org .

Curriculum resources

Media literacy in faith communitiesNational Association for Media Literacy Education . Simplify the holidays . Living sustainably . Stuff (for K-12 schools) . Rethinking the American Dream


These are resources I use in various workshops I present on the challenges we face in the midst of all of the change surrounding us.