Ok... there are terrible things going on around us and throughout the globe. I’m convinced that people of faith can contribute to making a difference in the world, we can be “God’s hands” for justice and peace. This page contains links to sites I visit regularly when I need to remind myself that I'm not alone in these quests. I hope you'll send me more links as you find them.

Alternative news sources . Alternative media .

Religious sustenance . Tikkun . National Catholic Reporter . Pax Christi USA . Call to Action . Just Foreign Policy . AFSC . WACC . WCC .

Things to keep us smiling

Satirical animation . Comic Relief . JibJab . Mark Fiore .

Political organizing

CitizenWorks (tools for democracy) . The Green Party of Minnesota . Organizing tools . FCNL .United for peace . Code Pink . MoveOn.orgWrite to your elected officials . StreetProphets .


A progressive reading list .

Motley assortment

Views on terrorism .


If can't dance, I don't want to be a part of your revolution!

Emma Goldman