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Assessment has become a lively topic around Luther these days. Here are some resources for further thought about it.

General Resources

An incredibly rich set of links to various issues involved in assessment has been put together by North Carolina State University. Click here for their primary page.

Related Issues

Classroom assessment techniques . Another classroom assessment techniques page . "Assessment, accountability, and student learning outcomes" . Bloom's taxonomy . Gardner's multiple intelligences . Active learning reflection tool . Dykstra on evaluation . Assessing interactivity in distributive learning . In-depth tutorial on facilitating student participation online . Principles for cultivating communities of practice .

Useful Organizations

The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning . The American Association for Higher Education


Trio of triads . Vella's principles . A critical incident . Case study guidelines . Community building

Tips on Teaching

University of Nebraska, Lincoln . University of Oklahoma . University of Maryland . Indiana State University . University of Michigan


The GoodWork Project . ERIC's list of assessment resources . The Teaching Gap


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20 May 2002