Some working theories...

Mary Hess home page . Luther Seminary .


Here are some of the theories that are "in the background" of my work...

Constructivist pedagogies

Project Zero (Howard Gardner) . "A constructionist approach to values through on-line narrative tools" .Marina Bers . Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship . Selected resources on teaching and learning . Nicholas Burbules .Rethinking schools .

Critical/feminist pedagogies

Education for Social Democracies conference papers . Critical Pedagogy .Feminist education research . Feminist Teacher . Feminist pedagogy link list . bell hooks . Voices from the Gaps .

Narrative theories

The Virtual Faculty . Person and Self . Narrative Psychology .

Culture and theology

The Material History of American Religion . Resources for American Christianity . The Pluralism Project . Resource Center for Media, Religion and Culture .

Digital culture

Symbolism, Media and the Lifecourse . The Sociable Media Group . The Visible Knowledge Project . Media, culture and teens . Social theory for pop culture fans . the Visual Casebook project (tactical media) .

Motley assortment... . AKMA's blog . Altercations . .ekklesia project . David Weinberger's blog . Jeneane Sessum's blog . Douglas Rushkoff's blog . Teaching and Technology blog . weblogg-ed . Sebastian Fiedlers' blog . DV for teachers . Media literacy weblog .


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January 2003